Serving Foster Youth since 2016

Our mission at Day 1 Bags is to provide brand new duffle bags and backpacks to foster youth instead of trash bags as luggage when being removed from their homes or moved from shelter to shelter.


Caption – 2020 Texas Department and Family Protective Services Leadership with a Day 1 Backpack.


Over 500 children enter the foster care system each day and most of them may be removed from their home with their belongings stuffed in a trash bag. These children have been neglected and often feel like they don’t matter.

A Day 1 Bag gives children entering foster care a sense of dignity and hope. Each bag is of the highest quality with room for their only treasures. Dignity, not trash, is what we believe is needed during this difficult time.

About the Bag

The small or large duffel bag or backpack will be the best bag the foster youth will ever receive. The bags are from Texas-owned – Flying Circle Gear. They are made of the highest quality durable materials and has a full lifetime warranty on every product. The bags are empty, they are black in color, are not filled with anything, and do not have a logo on the outside. I chose this way not only to keep the cost down but also to allow them to be filled by others as donations, or just purely to be able to hold their own personal treasures inside their own bag. Our hope is that the children find the bags comfortable, durable, and bringing dignity to their possessions.

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