Foster youth have been taken away from their parents, toys, maybe even their siblings, and told that they have to live with these new people. Imagine what that must feel like. Not only that, they have their only possessions in a TRASH bag.

What does "Day 1" mean?

The phrase is motivational and means the first day of a plan, a new life without the worries of abuse and/or neglect. Day 1 is a way for many to start planning on a new life, to accomplish what you want your life to be, and commit on Day 1 a life of hope, dignity, security, and love.

Day 1 Bags is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing NEW bags and backpacks to non-profits and government agencies in the foster care or aged out foster care population. We also project to serve over 5,000 teens in 2020, providing them complete bags and a wish card – FOR FREE.

Work With Me

Do you know a group who wants to have a toiletry, clothing, shoe drive or just provide bags for a shelter? How about school supplies drive or an Eagle Scout Service project?  All you need to do is just complete this form and I will get back to you.